of mankind and oceans

The musical reading “Of Mankind and Oceans” was created for the opening event of the German-Chinese dialogue series “Me(er)tamorphosen” on 10 October 2020. The scientific-artistic contribution includes a lecture by Professor Antje Boetius on “The Ocean’s Function for Life” and a musical reading by the actress Bibiana Beglau and the solo harpist Amandine Carbuccia.

You can see and hear poetry by Charles Baudelaire, Bertolt Brecht, Friedrich Hebbel and Friedrich Hölderlin, selected by Antje Boetius and recited by Bibiana Beglau, as well as music by Claude Debussy and Albert Zabel, selected by Amandine Carbuccia.

English translations of the poetic texts can be found here. For a German version of the Antje Boetius’ presentation, please follow this link.