in the mirror of time


Berliner Zeitung

Interview with Antje Boetius on the Theatre of the Anthropocene and the challenges of global warming.


To Vima

Interview with Frank Raddatz in the greek newspaper “To Vima” on the Theatre of the Anthropocene.

7:30 pm

Theater a. d. Ruhr

Event notice: Antje Boetius talks about “The Climate and the Sea”. The event will be streamed on Youtube. 



Listen to the Interview with Prof. Dr. Sabine Kunst, Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius and Dr. Frank Raddatz at the Museum für Naturkunde.

01.05.2020 - 15.06.2020

Stiftung AlltagForschungKunst

Do you want to go on an inventive expedition? These are developed and implemented by the foundation AlltagForschungKunst, a partner of the Theatre of the Anthropocene.


Bayrischer Rundfunk

Listen to the interview with Frank Raddatz on “Requiem for a Forest”.


Der Standard

Article on the Theatre of the Anthropocene.

7 pm

Theater bookstore Einar & Bert

Antje Boetius and Frank Raddatz on the Theater of the Anthroppcene

Panel discussion with Antje Boetius, Frank Raddatz and Dorte Lena Eilers.


Thalia Theater

Nach uns die Sintflut? Religionen und Klimawandel

Antje Boetius at the Lange Nacht der Weltreligionen.

February 2020

Theater der Zeit

Planetary Theatre

Interview with Antje Boetius on theatre and climate change.

February 2020

Theater der Zeit

Instead of a Manifesto!

Frank Raddatz’ 13 theses about the Theatre of the Anthropocene.


Zeit Online

Anthropocene: On the world stage

Read the full article on the Theatre of the Anthropocene on Zeit Online.



Feeling the change

Read the full interview with Antje Boetius on “Art and climate research and the role of art in communicating climate science findings” at



Max Frisch in the literary front yard of the Anthropocene

Listen to Frank Raddatz’ radio feature on the present relevance of Max Frisch’ story “Man in the Holocene”.



Climate meets Theatre

Learn more about the conference “Climate meets Theatre – On the theatrical narratability of the climate crisis” at the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Berlin on

Fall 2019

Lettre International

Future Theatre

Frank Raddatz on the Dionysian roots of the theatre of the Anthropocene.

Fall 2018

Lettre International

Stage and Anthropocene

Frank Raddatz drafts a dramatic poetry of the future.